Is It Possible to Monitor Saved Videos with Android Spy App?

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Regardless of, whether you are a parent, spouse, or employer, you must track the digital activities of your loved ones and employees. It is obvious that you would never want them to experience any trouble.

When children begin to grow, their activities change, and instead of playing with toys, they spend time in front of the screens for entertainment purposes. Their interaction with the world can bring massive transformation in their personality. That’s where the video you should step in and inform them how they should behave and protect themselves.

Android monitoring app is one of the great ways to keep a secret eye on your kids to know about what they are up to. The app has lots of powerful and advanced features and a user-friendly interface. Right from auto GPS location tracking to monitor the instant messaging applications as well as saved videos, you can get access to everything without facing any hassle.

If you are anxious that your spouse is betraying you or he is involved in misconduct, then the ability to track his android cell phone could help you in numerous ways. The tool permits you to spy and view the stored downloaded videos in your targeted person’s phone.

You can also gain access to the videos that are captured with the rear and front cameras of the mobile phone. It enables you to view saved images and other stuff easily and create a backup of all the private and memorable videos.

Why You Should Use the Android Spy App to View Saved Videos?

If you are concerned about the safety of your dear ones, you should use the monitoring software. It has the capability to track each and every activity of your kids, spouse, and staff members. OgyMogy tracking tool makes it effortless for you to spy videos on compatible digital devices. You just need to install the app on your targeted phone and it will secretly record all video files and then, upload them to the online control panel.

The app allows you to view all the stored and captured videos on your target device in real-time even if they were produced before you installed the monitoring software. It supports various file formats including CGM, SVG, ODG, 3G2, M4v, AVI, XPS, EMF, MP4, WMV, and much more.

Key Features of The Android Video Monitoring Software

·         It empowers you to clone any cell phone to transfer data.

·         You can watch all the saved and recorded videos without seeking permission from the phone owner.

·         It gives you instant access to the video gallery of the targeted device.

·         Keep a check on your kids to ensure they are not engaged in sexting and other unhealthy activities.

·         The web control panel serves as a data backup for all the videos. 

Perks of Using the Android Video Spy App


It is your responsibility to make sure your kids are safe on the internet. If you have a hectic job, then it is understandable that you don’t have enough time to spend with your kids. That’s why; you should rely on the video monitoring software because it supports you to track all the video clips stored on your kid’s device.

If he has downloaded nude videos or any video of inappropriate nature, you will be able to delete them. If your child is being approached by blackmailers or abusers who are sending threatening videos to him, you will be able to take immediate action against them.

The basic purpose of using the tracking tool is not to spy on your precious child’s videos, but rather to have peace of mind as a parent that your kid is not obsessed with adult-content or not mistreated by blackmailers.


If you have allowed your staff to use company-owned devices and you want them to utilize phones for work-related purposes only, then you should monitor them. Track their stored videos to make sure they are appropriate. Also, make sure they are not sharing the company’s private information on video-sharing platforms or with competitors.


To ensure your kids are not watching age-restricted content or your workers are not leaking confidential data, use the android monitoring app.

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