Website/Blog Domain Spam Score Online Checker Tool And How To Reduce Spam Score With Google Disavow Tool

Dear Bloggers If Your Website spam score is high and you want to Fix spam score. so here we tell you all about website/blog domain spam score online checker tool and how to reduce spam score with google disavow tool. 

Hello friends, welcome here on our tech blogging portal shining posts. The spam score is really a big issue for every blogger. Many bloggers are don’t knows about spam scores and not any blogger check blog or website's spam score. So firstly here we know that what is spam score and how it comes on your website or blog. When you launch your website on Google and you want to rank your pages and posts on SERP. To rank your blog or websites you must do SEO and create good backlinks on many other sites. When you make backlinks you don't check those website's DA, PA and you suppose that after makes backlinks on these websites your blog will get rank on Google SERP. but here we advise you that, whenever you create backlinks for your blog or website, regularly checked backlinks provider website's DA or PA and here are many free backlinks maker tools there they say that when you put your web link on their portal they will automatically produce good backlinks for your website. so if you want to reduce your website spam score please avoid these fake ingredients.

If your website or blog's spam score is high then Google can penalize you. and it affects directly to your website/blog rank. If your spam score is high then after any type of work (on-page SEO, off-page SEO, top-ranked keywords) can't rank your blog on SERP. So always note that your website is not included in the Google spam list.

How to check website/blog spam score free

To fix your spam firstly you should know about spam score. to check your blog spam score you have must follow these simple steps with website spam score checker Moz tool.

1. Visit Moz bar
2. Sign up or sign in Moz with your email
3. Verify your email
4. Open Moz and click free seo tools then choose Moz Free "Link Explorer"
5. Select spam score option from on your screen right side list
6. Enter your link there and hit on the analyze button.
7. There will be showing 50-bad links, those increase your websites spam score.
8. Copy these all links and paste in notepad and save as .txt file.
Now, here you know that how to check blog or website spam score. But let's learn about how to reduce spam score.

How to fix spam score with the disavow tool and how to reduce spam score free

To fix spam score visit google disavow tool and reduce your website's spam score. So let's check how to set spam score instant with disavow?

1. Visit Google Disavow
2. Choose your website whose spam score is to be reduced.

3. Upload your .txt file that previously saved from Moz.
4. Enter the done button and get a mail on your registered email address with Google search console.

Now you have submitted your request to Google for disallowing these backlinks who increase your website or blog spam score. After some time your spam score will automatically be reduced, you can check your website spam score checker tool. now you have any issues related to website/blog domain spam score online checker tool and how to reduce spam score with google disavow tool, then feel free to ask us.


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