How To Create Free Website Or Blog On With These Simple Steps

Hello Friends, Today we talk about how to create free website or blog on With These Simple Steps. Here we learn how to make money online in just too simple steps. Many people are doesn't know how to create a free blog or website and how to make money with free websites and blogs. To earn money from Google we should know some important things. so let's come and know how to make a website or blog on

To create a website and blog on Blogger, you must first have these essential things.

1. First of all, to create a blog on blogger, you must have a laptop or computer, if you do not have it, then it does not matter that you can easily earn money by creating a free website even from your mobile.

2. The second thing that you need to have a Google Gmail account to create a blog on Blogspot or

3. And the third thing that is very important to be is an internet connection. Without the internet, you cannot create a website on Google for free.

So if you have all these things available, then you can easily earn money online by creating a website or blog on

So let's now know how you can make your own website for free on Google and earn money from that website and blog.

1. To create a website for free on Google, the first thing you have to go is, which is Google's free service, to create a blog and website.

2. Now after coming to the blogger, you will see the option of sign in, where you have to sign in with your Gmail id to create a blog.

3. After signing in, you have to choose the option to "create a new blog" on the blogger dashboard.

4. After clicking on Create a new blog, you will be asked to choose your blog title, blog address, and blog theme. So now you have to enter your blog name in the title. After that, you have to enter the address of your blog which is your domain. Now it is the turn of the blog theme, now from here you have to select one website theme. Which we can change later.

5. Now after doing all this, you have to click on create blog and now the blog is ready to be created. Which you can easily see by clicking on the view blog.

6. When you click on the view blog, you will see your blog on the internet. Whose link will be like this - https: // your blog These are free domains provided by Google, which you can later change to new custom domains and remove

Here you now have a new blog, whose link you can share with your friends and family and you can say that you too have a website on Google and you are a blogger.

So, friends, you must now know how to create free website or blog with with these simple steps. If you still have any questions related to creating a free blog on Google and earning free online money, then ask us in the comment box below.


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