How To Buy A Domain Or Web Hosting From Godaddy At Cheap Price

Friends today we will know about the most important part of blogging is, how to buy a domain or web hosting from Godaddy at cheap price. Just like if we ever setup or want to do any of our new business or shop, we need two things. the first is the place for the shop, and the second is the name of the business or shop so that people can know our shop and business easily. Now, in the same way, to bring our business online, first of all, we need our shop or business's website.

So that people can reach us easily through the internet and Google. To create our website, we have to take the space for the website from Google, and the name of the website. In the language of blogging, the space for a website is known as web hosting and the website name as the domain name. That is, we need web hosting and domain name to create our website. To make a website, we can buy web hosting or website domain name from Godaddy. Godaddy is the leading service provider in web hosting, domain name, domain privacy, or website security. So you can buy hosting and business domain name for your business website from Godaddy and easily create your own website. Also, Godaddy gives you cheap and good domains and hosting according to your budget, which starts from just Rs. 99. So let's know how you can register hosting and domains at a cheaper price from Godaddy.

How To Buy Domain From Godaddy

Now here we will know how we can buy a custom domain name for our website from Godaddy. Friends, it is very easy to get a domain from Godaddy, in which you can easily register a domain name from Godaddy within few minutes, and can bring your website and blog online. And you need only one email id to get the website name from Godaddy. So let's know how you can buy domains from Godaddy at cheap prices.

1. First of all, you have to go to the official web portal of GoDaddy.
Now first you have to log in to your account at Godaddy, if you do not have an account, then first click on Create account and take your account.
To create a new account at Godaddy you will need to google Gmail id.

 2. Now after login your account, you have to type your website name and click on the search button. Now you have to choose the extension of your website ie .com, .in, .org,, .net, etc.

3. After choosing your website extension, you will see the price of that domain in front of your website name. Now you can choose your domain according to your budget and according to your website extension, and click on add to cart option.

4. After clicking on add to cart option, your chosen domain will go to your cart. Now you have to go to continue to cart option to get your domain.

5. Now you will be asked to choose Business Email and Web Hosting on the next page. If you want to get an email address associated with your business website name, then you can select your Professional Email from the option given below, for which you will have to pay separately. If you do not want Professional Email, then you select no thanks.

After no thanks in Professional Email, you will be asked to choose web hosting. Different types of web hosting will be found in Godaddy, such as

Ø  Starter - Godaddy that starter web hosting is the cheapest web hosting. In this, you get 1 website hosting, and also if you are a new blogger and want to create a small blog or website, then choose GoDaddy's starter web hosting.
Ø  Economy  - the economy you get up to 100 GB of space in hosting and in this also you can host only 1 website or blog.
Ø  Delux  - Godaddy Delux web hosting is often used for large websites and they are mostly expensive hosting. In them, you can host many blogs and websites simultaneously.

If you are creating your website or blog on WordPress, then you must get web hosting, and if you are creating your blog on Blogspot or blogger, then you do not need any kind of hosting. For a website created on Blogspot, all you have to do is to get a domain name because of provides free hosting by Google.

6. Now if you want to get hosting, then you choose your budget and web hosting of choice, otherwise select no thanks. Now again click on Continue to Cart. Now you have reached the last page, where you will see your domain and selected items and also your full billing information under all these items.

 7. Here now you have to fill your details like your address, postal code, state, mobile number, etc. After giving all this information, you have to choose your payment method, from which you want to make your online payment. Godaddy allows its customers to make various online payments. Such as - Net Banking, Credit Card, Debit Card, UPI, Wallet, etc.

8. You select your payment option and click on the purchase. Now your domain and all your selected items have been added to my product option and an email will also appear on your registered email id.

Thus you can easily buy a domain from Godaddy in these simple steps. And thus you can create your own website and blog by purchasing the cheap and secure domain and web hosting. You all must now know how to buy a domain or web hosting from Godaddy at cheap price and how your website is online on Google or the Internet. If you still have any problem related to Godaddy, like GoDaddy Sign In, New to GoDaddy? Create an Account Godaddy, Username, or Customer, Godaddy Password, so you can share any of your problems with us.


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