Create Account On Paypal And Earn Money Directly To Your Bank Account

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Hello, friends Today we will know in this post what is PayPal? How does PayPal work? And create account on paypal and earn money directly to your bank account. In today's modern era, we all give more importance to online payment and online shopping. In which we pay the bill of essential goods ordered from various e-commerce websites through portals that facilitate many online payments. Now, what are these e-commerce portals? Those that allow us to make online payments, such as Google pay, Phonepe, Paytm, Amazon, etc. Also, all our banks provide this facility to us, so that we can pay anything online directly from our bank account.

So PayPal is also An American company that allows us to make online payments all over the world. PayPal allows online truncation all over the world. In which you can send online payment from any country of the world to another country and you can also receive online payment by Paypal. Payments made through PayPal are directly linked to your bank account. Paypal is highly secure and protected, which is a very good platform for online money transfer. When we make online payment through Google pay, Phonepe, Paytm, Square Cash, Venmo, Amazon, etc then all these give us cash back. So you can easily earn a lot of cashback from PayPal too. So let's know how to create an account on PayPal? And how to connect PayPal to your bank account and earn cashback from PayPal.

How To Create Paypal Account And How To Earn Paypal Cashback

Friends, now we will know how to create an account on Paypal for free? And how to connect your PayPal account to your bank account? So it is very easy to create a PayPal account, which you can easily learn from the steps mentioned below, and you can register your PayPal account in just a few minutes.

Follow These Simple Steps To Register Or Setup A PayPal Account

1. First of all, search PayPal with the help of your Google Chrome. After that go to the official portal of PayPal.

 2. After the PayPal official website is open, now you have to click on the PayPal signup for free option.

3. Now here you will see 2 options
! Individual account
!! Business Account

There are some conditions of these two types of PayPal which you will have to study carefully and we explain the terms here.

So the conditions for PayPal's Individual Account are as follows -

- You can send payments only
- Pay for your shopping locally and overseas
- Get covered 24/7 from online and card fraud

Terms for Paypal Business Account and how to create PayPal account for Business -

- You can receive and send payments
- Suitable for individuals who want to receive payments, sellers, freelancers, and businesses
- Receive and send payments locally and overseas
- Requires KYC to start receiving local INR payments
- No set-up/maintenance fees

Choose your account choice.

4. After choosing your account type, click on the Next button, now type your email on the next page and enter PayPal password.

5. Now on the next page, you will have to enter your general information, in which your name, address, town city, country, state, pin code, and mobile number will be asked. After entering all this information at the specified place, click on Agree & Create an account.

6. After going to the next page, you will be asked to add your bank's debit card or credit card. Where you add your card and move forward.

7. After linking the card, your temporary PayPal account will be registered.

8. Now you add your bank account from where you want to take your pick. You can also add your PAN card to it. To initiate your transaction, you need to add your bank account, PAN card, and debit or credit card to PayPal.

How To Verify PayPal Account

It is easy to verify Paypal for which Paypal will get two small funds in your added bank account. You have to enter those amounts in your Paypal account or Paypal mobile app. After doing this, your PayPal will be verified.

In this way, you can easily create a PayPal account. If you do international online money transactions, PayPal is the best and most secure online money transfer portal to transfer and receive your international money. Now you must have known that in a short time, you will create account on paypal and earn money directly to your bank account. If you have any problem with PayPal login, PayPal signup, connecting PayPal to the bank account, and verifying PayPal account, you can contact Paypal customer care number - 1800 419 9833, and comment on us.


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