TikTok returns to Play Store and App Store with more safety features

May 04, 2019 , 0 Comments

TikTok, short-video app, gives came back to App store and Play Store with more security features after getting a ban in India over obscene content. Madras High Court provides raised a stay on downloading of the well-known Chinese program which is definitely possessed by Chinese tech giant, Byte Dance Technology Co.
This time around, the social networking software much more focused online safety plus the safety from the user generally. The app presents likewise announced that it is going to release another in-app test in India to offer accounts basic safety ideas to users. Initial security test was released upon 5 Feb while partying Safer Internet Day and the organization began a #SafeHumSafeInternet campaign. TikTok statements the campaign was effective and almost 5 million ​users were interested in knowing about their safety IQ.

TikTok has additionally added new features want a renewed notice tabs, new notification controls, and a gadget administration gadget to eliminate hackers. In March, TikTok also introduced the localised Safety Center ​in India, which assists users to create their account safe and also a range of topics.

TikTok has released a press find and believed to the target audience, "TikTok is usually committed to supporting help to make their hundreds of thousands of users experience safe and comfy within the network, which is so why it is constantly improving and bringing up-to-date it is guidelines, tools, and resources to promote a positive and safe app environment."

Mainly because per the statement released by Reuters, Byte Dance was facing a reduction of $500,000 per day due to the ban of TikTok in India and had put more than 250 jobs at risk. According to Sensor Tower, TikTok has been downloaded by nearly 300 million users so far in India, while it more than 1 billion downloads globally and it is available in 150 markets across the globe through the App Store and Google Play.

Previously in month, a court in Tamil Nadu experienced asked the federal government to ban TikTok over the concern of motivating pornography to make kid users vulnerable to intimate predators. Next, the authorities features delivered a notice to Apple and Google for removal of the short-video application.

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