Nokia X71 specs leak with Snapdragon 660 AIE and 6.22-inch Display

March 30, 2019 , , , 0 Comments

Nokia put away event invites for a gadget release happening in Taiwan on April 2. This kind of is usually pertaining to the Nokia X71, which might launch as the Nokia 8.1 Plus for global marketplaces. The extremely equal Nokia X71 offers made an appearance upon Geekbench, exposing some of the innards of the device.

The list on Geekbench shows the “HMD Global Nokia X71” working a Qualcomm Snapdragon 660 AIE CPU. Combined with the processor chip is 6GB RAM memory meant for plenty of multitasking. It is recommended the 6GB alternative might not become offered outside of Asian markets. The list likewise displays the phone operating Google Android 9, most probably Android One, want many of Nokia’s mobile phones.

We have been viewing leakages in the Nokia 8.1 As well as, but the X71 can be supposedly heading to have a third camera on the back again; the supposed makes with the 8.1 Plus experienced dual digital cameras. The Nokia 8.1 Plus with seems to have a hole-punch front side facing the camera, therefore it is feasible we will observe a similar feature within the Nokia X71.

Taking into consideration the current Nokia 8.1 has a Snapdragon 710, the strange to find the X71 work a good Snapdragon 660. Maybe a global Nokia 8.1 Additionally will certainly have got the 710, as well as the 660 for the X71, is certainly designed for the Taiwanese marketplace. Whatever the case, we’ll have got verification of the once the April 2 to begin event comes around the following week.

The Nokia X71 is said to possess a 48MP camera paired with a 120- level ultra-wide camera with Zeiss branding. We also anticipate a 6.22-inch display.

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