Lenovo Z6 Pro May Be Able to Produce 100-Megapixel Images

Lenovo Z6 Pro's camera might manage to generate 100-megapixel pictures, VP Chang Cheng has apparently teased. Cheng provides published about the Z6 Pro utilizing a Chinese hashtag which means a billion dollars -pixels, which come back computes to 1000-megapixels.
Of course, we've noticed China's businesses write figures rather in a different way, and a well-known China's tech distribution claims it all, in fact, means 100 million pixels. This kind of comes weeks after Qualcomm announced that the processors currently arrive with support intended for photos with even more than 100-megapixel quality. Such an attribute is normally feasible if the phone is usually capable to combine multiple photos of a solitary framework and produce one huge picture. The Lenovo Z6 Pro is predicted to be introduced in June 2019.

Lenovo Z6 Pro camera features (predicted)
Cheng's content on Weibo was noticed initial simply by IT Home. While bullying the Lenovo Z6 Pro's Hyper Video feature, he utilizes a hashtag that means to "billion level pixels" inside the post. IT Home promises the hashtag translates to 100 million -pixels or 100-megapixels.

This prospects up to the rumors that the mobile phone may create large images, however, this is not the very first time the company offers talked about shifting "beyond 100-megapixel" for the Z6 Pro, and we're going have to wait around and see this translates to.

Although, with Cheng's tendency to help to make overstated statements, this may simply become another deceptive caption coming from Cheng, and simply no this kind of feature will probably be built-in to the Z6 Pro. Cheng offers also released another online video teasing in the phone's excitable video and super macro capabilities. It is generally posted on his Weibo accounts.

There is small that is certainly regarded about the Z6 Pro when it comes to specs. The Z6 Pro is expected to appear with 5G support however it is believed that a non-5G version from the Z6 Pro soon after. Lenovo hasn't pointed out any information with respect to the processor chip powering the smartphone. It might most likely become the Qualcomm Snapdragon 855 SoC, comparable towards the Lenovo Z5 Pro GT that was released in Dec last year, and possess approximately 12GB of RAM and 512GB of storage space.

The Lenovo Z6 Pro is scheduled to be made available in June. A great announcement was awaited today, but best right now, this appears just like Cheng's teaser could be almost all we're obtaining.

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