WhatsApp update lets iPhone owners LOCK the app with Face ID or a fingerprint

The Facebook-owned chatting service introduced the changes with an update to its iOS application last night.

It means WhatsApp, which offers 1.5billion users, could be locked locking mechanism just like additional applications apply Face IDENTIFICATION or Touch ID, including banking applications or PayPal.

You can't utilize it to secure specific talks, however, the upgrade provides an extra coating of protection for all of your messages.

To get the update, download the most recent version of WhatsApp, 2.19.20, from the Apple App Store.

Mind towards the app's configurations, faucet accounts and after that personal privacy.

Came from here, you may change upon "Screen Lock" with either Get in Touch ID or Face ID.

Right now when you proceed to spread out the software, it'll inquire you to your images or possibly a picture of the face to check it can actually you reading the private discussions.

You can continue to read and quick answer messages within your notification windows, so the device isn't very certain - however, you can usually disable previews in your options.

Last month, Fb CEO Mark Zuckerberg accepted that Messenger, WhatsApp and Instagram will be blending right into a "solitary messaging service".

The embattled billionaire, later on, said the controversial maneuver will come in to force in 2020.

Having been the center of strange statements created by Tweets CEO Jack Dorsey in January, who exposed Zuck when massacred a goat utilizing a blade and "laser gun and offered it to him chilly during a super day in the Facebook founder's lavish San Francisco mansion.

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