Top 5 Blogging Ideas For High Traffic Blog Niche in 2020 - Best Blog Topics


Both blogging and vlogging are the best internet platforms in today's modern era. Through blogging, your Thoughts and experiences can be easily accessed by other people on the Internet. Many people want to create a blog, but for some new bloggers, the biggest problem is that which niche is the best for blogging? Which blogging category gains traffic fastly? are people mostly looking for which type of blog? And how you can succeed in blogging? So for all you new bloggers, this page has brought the best blogging ideas in 2020. You can easily earn good money by blogging on these categories. So let's know -

5 Best Blog Topics In 2020 That Peoples Must Search

Fashion Blog - Friends, if you have an interest in fashion, you can create a fashion niche blog. Because nowadays everything has become fashionable and modern. Most people search the Internet for things related to fashion. So you can make a fashion blog, there is a lot of traffic on the already existing fashion blogs.

Health and fitness blog - You all know that nowadays, everyone searches for their health and fitness. So if you have a good knowledge of health and fitness, then you can create a blog on the Health category. You can share fitness or health tips and suggestions with people through your blog. Nowadays a high number of visitors come on such blogs, on which information related to health, fitness, weight loss, weight gain, yoga, etc.

Online study - Friends, as you all know, how much the trend of online classes has increased nowadays. Also, big topics are online study, because a lot of students are always searching for online study material. So if you are an expert in any subject, then you can create an online study blog. In this, you can earn good money and social traffic can also bring good traffic to your education blog.

Recipe blog - If you are fond of cooking and eating, then your grief can give you good money. You can create a food niche blog and share the food you have created with the people through the food blog. Many people keep searching for the latest new recipe.

Gaming Blog - The scope of online gaming is growing at a very fast pace. If you play a game and know a game well, you can create a gaming blog, and share your gaming experience and gaming tips with them peoples on that blog. Online gaming blogs can bring many opportunities for you.

By making a blog on the Top 5 Blogging Ideas For High Traffic Blog Niche in 2020 mentioned above, you can easily earn money online. If you want to make a blog on any other topic, then you can share with us and know how to do blogging in 2020 on this topic and how to make a good blog.

Is It Possible to Monitor Saved Videos with Android Spy App?


Regardless of, whether you are a parent, spouse, or employer, you must track the digital activities of your loved ones and employees. It is obvious that you would never want them to experience any trouble.

When children begin to grow, their activities change, and instead of playing with toys, they spend time in front of the screens for entertainment purposes. Their interaction with the world can bring massive transformation in their personality. That’s where the video you should step in and inform them how they should behave and protect themselves.

Android monitoring app is one of the great ways to keep a secret eye on your kids to know about what they are up to. The app has lots of powerful and advanced features and a user-friendly interface. Right from auto GPS location tracking to monitor the instant messaging applications as well as saved videos, you can get access to everything without facing any hassle.

If you are anxious that your spouse is betraying you or he is involved in misconduct, then the ability to track his android cell phone could help you in numerous ways. The tool permits you to spy and view the stored downloaded videos in your targeted person’s phone.

You can also gain access to the videos that are captured with the rear and front cameras of the mobile phone. It enables you to view saved images and other stuff easily and create a backup of all the private and memorable videos.

Why You Should Use the Android Spy App to View Saved Videos?

If you are concerned about the safety of your dear ones, you should use the monitoring software. It has the capability to track each and every activity of your kids, spouse, and staff members. OgyMogy tracking tool makes it effortless for you to spy videos on compatible digital devices. You just need to install the app on your targeted phone and it will secretly record all video files and then, upload them to the online control panel.

The app allows you to view all the stored and captured videos on your target device in real-time even if they were produced before you installed the monitoring software. It supports various file formats including CGM, SVG, ODG, 3G2, M4v, AVI, XPS, EMF, MP4, WMV, and much more.

Key Features of The Android Video Monitoring Software

·         It empowers you to clone any cell phone to transfer data.

·         You can watch all the saved and recorded videos without seeking permission from the phone owner.

·         It gives you instant access to the video gallery of the targeted device.

·         Keep a check on your kids to ensure they are not engaged in sexting and other unhealthy activities.

·         The web control panel serves as a data backup for all the videos. 

Perks of Using the Android Video Spy App


It is your responsibility to make sure your kids are safe on the internet. If you have a hectic job, then it is understandable that you don’t have enough time to spend with your kids. That’s why; you should rely on the video monitoring software because it supports you to track all the video clips stored on your kid’s device.

If he has downloaded nude videos or any video of inappropriate nature, you will be able to delete them. If your child is being approached by blackmailers or abusers who are sending threatening videos to him, you will be able to take immediate action against them.

The basic purpose of using the tracking tool is not to spy on your precious child’s videos, but rather to have peace of mind as a parent that your kid is not obsessed with adult-content or not mistreated by blackmailers.


If you have allowed your staff to use company-owned devices and you want them to utilize phones for work-related purposes only, then you should monitor them. Track their stored videos to make sure they are appropriate. Also, make sure they are not sharing the company’s private information on video-sharing platforms or with competitors.


To ensure your kids are not watching age-restricted content or your workers are not leaking confidential data, use the android monitoring app.

Note:- This Article Only For Knowledge Purpose.

Website/Blog Domain Spam Score Online Checker Tool And How To Reduce Spam Score With Google Disavow Tool

blog spam score
Dear Bloggers If Your Website spam score is high and you want to Fix spam score. so here we tell you all about website/blog domain spam score online checker tool and how to reduce spam score with google disavow tool. 

Hello friends, welcome here on our tech blogging portal shining posts. The spam score is really a big issue for every blogger. Many bloggers are don’t knows about spam scores and not any blogger check blog or website's spam score. So firstly here we know that what is spam score and how it comes on your website or blog. When you launch your website on Google and you want to rank your pages and posts on SERP. To rank your blog or websites you must do SEO and create good backlinks on many other sites. When you make backlinks you don't check those website's DA, PA and you suppose that after makes backlinks on these websites your blog will get rank on Google SERP. but here we advise you that, whenever you create backlinks for your blog or website, regularly checked backlinks provider website's DA or PA and here are many free backlinks maker tools there they say that when you put your web link on their portal they will automatically produce good backlinks for your website. so if you want to reduce your website spam score please avoid these fake ingredients.

If your website or blog's spam score is high then Google can penalize you. and it affects directly to your website/blog rank. If your spam score is high then after any type of work (on-page SEO, off-page SEO, top-ranked keywords) can't rank your blog on SERP. So always note that your website is not included in the Google spam list.

How to check website/blog spam score free

To fix your spam firstly you should know about spam score. to check your blog spam score you have must follow these simple steps with website spam score checker Moz tool.

1. Visit Moz bar
2. Sign up or sign in Moz with your email
3. Verify your email
4. Open Moz and click free seo tools then choose Moz Free "Link Explorer"
5. Select spam score option from on your screen right side list
6. Enter your link there and hit on the analyze button.
7. There will be showing 50-bad links, those increase your websites spam score.
8. Copy these all links and paste in notepad and save as .txt file.
Now, here you know that how to check blog or website spam score. But let's learn about how to reduce spam score.

How to fix spam score with the disavow tool and how to reduce spam score free

To fix spam score visit google disavow tool and reduce your website's spam score. So let's check how to set spam score instant with disavow?

1. Visit Google Disavow
2. Choose your website whose spam score is to be reduced.

3. Upload your .txt file that previously saved from Moz.
4. Enter the done button and get a mail on your registered email address with Google search console.

Now you have submitted your request to Google for disallowing these backlinks who increase your website or blog spam score. After some time your spam score will automatically be reduced, you can check your website spam score checker tool. now you have any issues related to website/blog domain spam score online checker tool and how to reduce spam score with google disavow tool, then feel free to ask us.

5 Inspiring Social Media Hacks For Small Scale Business

Social media is taking over the marketing world. It has gained a prominent position for its uncountable contribution in bringing a brand among the leading charts. The every day updates and new releases in the highly populated social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram are attracting billions of users and above all the potential marketers who are digging their way up the ladder of success.

It’s imperative to get equipped with inspiring social media hacks that can promise outstanding outcomes. You need to know about the aspects of marketing that can increase the engagements or the many tools and analytics that can help you in winning your marketing game. So, here is a list of top social media ideas to try in the year 2020. Start your hunt!

Get On A Schedule

You need to know how to utilize content when using social media platforms to promote your brand. Your content and its tone will set you apart from the many brands competing against you. You need to define things more professionally and create a schedule to stay consistent.
You can opt to buy a Wikipedia page or plan out your content marketing using a wider vision of your business. Whatever your motive is make sure to have a proper schedule planned to avoid any breaks. You need to have a daily or a weekly plan to stay connected to your target audience and to showcase your services consistently.

Use The Power Of Hashtags

Hashtags are much more than a cool addition to your posts. With the help of a hashtag, your audience can browse your product and get to it in an instant. The use of the hashtag is an optimization technique that can increase the engagements and online visibility of the posts. It helps to bring your creation among the leading searches in no time. You can even create a new hashtag and increase its reach. In this way, your product when gaining a greater presence with its engine optimization tactic.

Micro Blogging

Microblogging refers to utilizing the power of content in a unique way. It does not involve composing lengthy blogs instead you use visuals to support your message. With the help of videos, infographics, and images, a writer delivers half of the message and the rest of which is delivered through static content. You need to utilize content carefully to keep your target audience involved and indulged.

Collaborate With Micro-influencers

Micro-influencers can give a boost to your marketing campaign. They can use their online reach and communication skills to garner attention for your brand. The many micro-influencers who are entertaining the masses over the internet are enjoying a boom as brands approach them with their products. You need to hunt the most potential ones and collaborate with them to generate promising outcomes.

The Ideal Time To Post

Everything of the social media platform revolves around its target audience and their behavior. The way you post, the time you choose all matters and contribute to increasing the online visibility of your brand. For you it may seem a simple thing but if you take a look at the strategy and the psychology behind checking the posting time you will realize a slight shift in the time can completely alter the outcomes. You need to observe the time when the majority of your audience gets online. You should make that slot and utilize that time to publish your posts. Similarly, schedule your weekend posts as well keeping in mind the relaxed attitude audience has and the aspects that can help in attracting them.

Focus On Increasing Engagements

You need to make sure that you pay more focus on increasing the engagements on your social media platforms. Try creating surveys, polls, contests, and post interactive content that can stir some engagements. You need to bring out more interactions among your target audience with your brand and its products. You have to keep your audience involved in every activity. Use filters and attractive features available on the platforms and posts captivating content.

Wrap Up
You need to come up with a unique and inspiring approach to increase the online visibility and presence of your brand on every social media platform. The best thing about SMM is that you do not have to post different content on multiple platforms. You can create a single post and post the same thing on all of your handles. In this way, things get more simplified and help in maximizing the outcomes. Use different techniques to keep your audience entertained. Moreover, keep a check on all the analytics to know if your stance is in the right direction or to find out the loopholes. In the marketing world, it’s important to evaluate your every step. 

Create Account On Paypal And Earn Money Directly To Your Bank Account

Hello, friends Today we will know in this post what is PayPal? How does PayPal work? And create account on paypal and earn money directly to your bank account. In today's modern era, we all give more importance to online payment and online shopping. In which we pay the bill of essential goods ordered from various e-commerce websites through portals that facilitate many online payments. Now, what are these e-commerce portals? Those that allow us to make online payments, such as Google pay, Phonepe, Paytm, Amazon, etc. Also, all our banks provide this facility to us, so that we can pay anything online directly from our bank account.

So PayPal is also An American company that allows us to make online payments all over the world. PayPal allows online truncation all over the world. In which you can send online payment from any country of the world to another country and you can also receive online payment by Paypal. Payments made through PayPal are directly linked to your bank account. Paypal is highly secure and protected, which is a very good platform for online money transfer. When we make online payment through Google pay, Phonepe, Paytm, Square Cash, Venmo, Amazon, etc then all these give us cash back. So you can easily earn a lot of cashback from PayPal too. So let's know how to create an account on PayPal? And how to connect PayPal to your bank account and earn cashback from PayPal.

How To Create Paypal Account And How To Earn Paypal Cashback

Friends, now we will know how to create an account on Paypal for free? And how to connect your PayPal account to your bank account? So it is very easy to create a PayPal account, which you can easily learn from the steps mentioned below, and you can register your PayPal account in just a few minutes.

Follow These Simple Steps To Register Or Setup A PayPal Account

1. First of all, search PayPal with the help of your Google Chrome. After that go to the official portal of PayPal.

 2. After the PayPal official website is open, now you have to click on the PayPal signup for free option.

3. Now here you will see 2 options
! Individual account
!! Business Account

There are some conditions of these two types of PayPal which you will have to study carefully and we explain the terms here.

So the conditions for PayPal's Individual Account are as follows -

- You can send payments only
- Pay for your shopping locally and overseas
- Get covered 24/7 from online and card fraud

Terms for Paypal Business Account and how to create PayPal account for Business -

- You can receive and send payments
- Suitable for individuals who want to receive payments, sellers, freelancers, and businesses
- Receive and send payments locally and overseas
- Requires KYC to start receiving local INR payments
- No set-up/maintenance fees

Choose your account choice.

4. After choosing your account type, click on the Next button, now type your email on the next page and enter PayPal password.

5. Now on the next page, you will have to enter your general information, in which your name, address, town city, country, state, pin code, and mobile number will be asked. After entering all this information at the specified place, click on Agree & Create an account.

6. After going to the next page, you will be asked to add your bank's debit card or credit card. Where you add your card and move forward.

7. After linking the card, your temporary PayPal account will be registered.

8. Now you add your bank account from where you want to take your pick. You can also add your PAN card to it. To initiate your transaction, you need to add your bank account, PAN card, and debit or credit card to PayPal.

How To Verify PayPal Account

It is easy to verify Paypal for which Paypal will get two small funds in your added bank account. You have to enter those amounts in your Paypal account or Paypal mobile app. After doing this, your PayPal will be verified.

In this way, you can easily create a PayPal account. If you do international online money transactions, PayPal is the best and most secure online money transfer portal to transfer and receive your international money. Now you must have known that in a short time, you will create account on paypal and earn money directly to your bank account. If you have any problem with PayPal login, PayPal signup, connecting PayPal to the bank account, and verifying PayPal account, you can contact Paypal customer care number - 1800 419 9833, and comment on us.

How To Buy A Domain Or Web Hosting From Godaddy At Cheap Price

Friends today we will know about the most important part of blogging is, how to buy a domain or web hosting from Godaddy at cheap price. Just like if we ever setup or want to do any of our new business or shop, we need two things. the first is the place for the shop, and the second is the name of the business or shop so that people can know our shop and business easily. Now, in the same way, to bring our business online, first of all, we need our shop or business's website.

So that people can reach us easily through the internet and Google. To create our website, we have to take the space for the website from Google, and the name of the website. In the language of blogging, the space for a website is known as web hosting and the website name as the domain name. That is, we need web hosting and domain name to create our website. To make a website, we can buy web hosting or website domain name from Godaddy. Godaddy is the leading service provider in web hosting, domain name, domain privacy, or website security. So you can buy hosting and business domain name for your business website from Godaddy and easily create your own website. Also, Godaddy gives you cheap and good domains and hosting according to your budget, which starts from just Rs. 99. So let's know how you can register hosting and domains at a cheaper price from Godaddy.

How To Buy Domain From Godaddy

Now here we will know how we can buy a custom domain name for our website from Godaddy. Friends, it is very easy to get a domain from Godaddy, in which you can easily register a domain name from Godaddy within few minutes, and can bring your website and blog online. And you need only one email id to get the website name from Godaddy. So let's know how you can buy domains from Godaddy at cheap prices.

1. First of all, you have to go to the official web portal of GoDaddy.
Now first you have to log in to your account at Godaddy, if you do not have an account, then first click on Create account and take your account.
To create a new account at Godaddy you will need to google Gmail id.

 2. Now after login your account, you have to type your website name and click on the search button. Now you have to choose the extension of your website ie .com, .in, .org,, .net, etc.

3. After choosing your website extension, you will see the price of that domain in front of your website name. Now you can choose your domain according to your budget and according to your website extension, and click on add to cart option.

4. After clicking on add to cart option, your chosen domain will go to your cart. Now you have to go to continue to cart option to get your domain.

5. Now you will be asked to choose Business Email and Web Hosting on the next page. If you want to get an email address associated with your business website name, then you can select your Professional Email from the option given below, for which you will have to pay separately. If you do not want Professional Email, then you select no thanks.

After no thanks in Professional Email, you will be asked to choose web hosting. Different types of web hosting will be found in Godaddy, such as

Ø  Starter - Godaddy that starter web hosting is the cheapest web hosting. In this, you get 1 website hosting, and also if you are a new blogger and want to create a small blog or website, then choose GoDaddy's starter web hosting.
Ø  Economy  - the economy you get up to 100 GB of space in hosting and in this also you can host only 1 website or blog.
Ø  Delux  - Godaddy Delux web hosting is often used for large websites and they are mostly expensive hosting. In them, you can host many blogs and websites simultaneously.

If you are creating your website or blog on WordPress, then you must get web hosting, and if you are creating your blog on Blogspot or blogger, then you do not need any kind of hosting. For a website created on Blogspot, all you have to do is to get a domain name because of provides free hosting by Google.

6. Now if you want to get hosting, then you choose your budget and web hosting of choice, otherwise select no thanks. Now again click on Continue to Cart. Now you have reached the last page, where you will see your domain and selected items and also your full billing information under all these items.

 7. Here now you have to fill your details like your address, postal code, state, mobile number, etc. After giving all this information, you have to choose your payment method, from which you want to make your online payment. Godaddy allows its customers to make various online payments. Such as - Net Banking, Credit Card, Debit Card, UPI, Wallet, etc.

8. You select your payment option and click on the purchase. Now your domain and all your selected items have been added to my product option and an email will also appear on your registered email id.

Thus you can easily buy a domain from Godaddy in these simple steps. And thus you can create your own website and blog by purchasing the cheap and secure domain and web hosting. You all must now know how to buy a domain or web hosting from Godaddy at cheap price and how your website is online on Google or the Internet. If you still have any problem related to Godaddy, like GoDaddy Sign In, New to GoDaddy? Create an Account Godaddy, Username, or Customer, Godaddy Password, so you can share any of your problems with us.

How To Fix Quickbooks POS Financial Exchange Error

Financial Exchange Error

Creators of QuickBooks have delivered a fine and proficient an item that is prepared to deal with all business needs and records upkeep. QuickBooks POS is a perfect fit for the little or medium-sized business to monitor your POS action that contains deals just as stock related exercises.

Be that as it may, this smooth-working regularly is upset since blunders and issues are coming in QuickBooks. QuickBooks POS Financial Exchange Error is one such mistake that is caused because of the matching up issue between two programmings.

What is QuickBooks POS Financial Exchange Error

The assignment of your QB Financial trade software is to follow your money related information. At the point when the information trade between two projects happens. It lessens work weight, and you can without much of a stretch screen deals exercises in QuickBooks Point of Sale framework. You can move the information legitimately to your monetary software without filling in the data for the subsequent time.

The client may discover a mistake when drawing nearer QB Financial software to run a "stock report". The mistake message says-No cash showed in the stock resources".
Suggest: you can contact us on our Quickbooks support page where you get a number to resolve all types of error.

Purposes behind QuickBooks POS Financial Exchange Error

A few elements can cause QuickBooks POS money related to Exchange blunder. A portion of all the more happening reasons as recorded underneath.
The Activity Log blunder At times, the log document makes issues, inside the framework itself. In the event that you face any issue, at that point check the "Movement Log" in the financial>> go to the Financial Look on the off chance that you are confronting any such issue, the log will mention to you what the issue/is

     The Mapping accounts–You have to check whether there are any issues with your planning accounts. Of that is the situation, at that point, you have to confirm the "default planning accounts set up in a file">> go to preferences>> company>> accounts.
     Considerably subsequent to playing out the above advances, if the issue continues as before, you discover your exchanges made in QuickBooks from the "Getting vouchers." How to go there, how about we see it.
     Snap Purchasing
     Select the "accepting History tab."
     Select on voucher
     Snap "I Want To.. button".
     Then click on the reflect Financial Details.

Steps for Fix QB POS Financial Exchange Error

Steps1: Check the Activity log

  1. Work the movement log.
  2. After that select the Financial Center to move further.
  3. On the off chance that you are not getting any mistake that implies the blunder is settled.

Steps2: Announce Mapping account

     Select File Menu and Go to the Preferences.
     At that point, pick the organization and handle the records.
     Finally, coordinate the settings.

Steps3: For QuickBooks Version 5

  1. Run the Point of Sale.
  2. Pick Sales History and afterward select Receipt Causing Error.
  3. Select Financial and Mark the record and snap on OK.

Steps4: For QuickBooks Version 6 and QuickBooks Version 10

     Take a gander at the receipt number that is showing in the mistake.
     Pick POS and Scan Sales History.
     Place and pick the Receipt in the mistake.
     Select I need to.
     Snap on View Financial History.
     Pick Mark this archive and afterward click on OK.

Steps5: Below are the alternatives, in the event that you are as yet getting the blunder

     Select Purchasing and Choose History Tab.
     Snap-on Among the Vouchers.
     Pick I need to. Catch.
     Then you have to select show financial detail.


Above gave the article has expounded on the best way to fix the Quickbooks pos financial error in the QB that you face any issue in understanding the above advances. It is encouraged to address a specialized master at QuickBooks Support Number.